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Game is good I'll give it that

Ads don’t work

The ads don’t work. Can’t double my income. Can’t activate boosts.


This game is a good way to waste time and also to have fun


This is a very entertaining and fun game. Although I do enjoy playing it, it becomes boring and old very quickly. I also find it’s hard to grow with how often i need new bizbots. Other than that, great game.

Plz update

Great game wish time was lower on getting money and can get other ways of increasing but I love it



Pretty neat


Amazing game

I love this game

I like it but....

I like it a lot so I can play it when I'm bored but at the same time there's nothing u can really do anything fun

Taps to Riches

Love the app is fun spent have adds. Except for video adds. Also is easy to understand. And easy to learn how to play.😜🙃🤗😛🤩

The best

I love it because it is offline and it's addicting. You try and try to get all the money in the world with advisors and bizbots.

Great game

Super addictive and amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssaaaaaaang



Game itself is great, but..

But it would be amazing if the videos to double income, spin the wheel, double business bonuses, etc.. worked all the time. Lately it seems like the videos only work like 25% of the time which is really frustrating.


Love it


Its so addicting i love ittttt SNCHSNGMDML!!!


One of the best strategy games i could find

I Love It So Much

The game is amazing right when i get bizbots MY PROFIT IS INSANE when I get the the first business the profits crazy it starts at I think a million overall Great Game

Greatest game ever

This is the best game I have ever played

It’s fun BUT they scam you of your time

Despite the fact of it being simple. It is entertaining. Mainly for the visuals and not much else. The big reason I’m giving this a low rating is because you are offered free “keys” or “gems” if you complete certain offers. Such as downloading apps, playing them until you reach a certain lvl, finishing a tutorial etc. You are not given the reward it claims. You are not given anything for going through the trouble to get free “keys/gems”

Good way to pass the time.

This game is actually pretty good; and and always seems to have something new right about the time when things stagnant. My only issue thus far is it drowns you with ads. It's gotten to the point where I see more ads than game time per minute, and stop from frustration.

They just want our ad money

Let me preface my preview by saying I thoroughly love and enjoy playing this game. The concept is great, and I really love simulation games that focus on economically building up a town. Why am I giving a one star review? Because I can’t do ANYTHING in this game without watching ads. You HAVE to watch the ad for 30 seconds for it to benefit you. And if you choose to close out of the ad offer and just try to play without having ads help you... nope. Can’t do that. They will automatically pop up and take over your screen at random times. They don’t care who enjoys the game. They just care if they can make money off of us watching the ads. That’s all this game is. It’s a scam to rope you into watching their ads so they get a little bit of revenue. Sad, but true. Anyway, I got fed up and am deleting the app. Don’t get it. Waste of time.

BaZillion Ads

This game is fun and addicting but it’s buggy. Sometimes I click the butting to double my profits and it just does nothing. Also, be prepared to watch a BaBillion ads that are loooong. I’ve never watch so many ads

Love the game

It’s so fun to play when ur bored


This game is very addictive I was stuck playing it for the first week


STRONG parental warning... on three occasions, this game has violated both Apples and the developers own policies regarding sexually explicit content. This game is rated 4+ and my 6 year old loves it, but she will not be playing it ever again. Placing graphic penile enhancement advertisements within the game showing a fully erect penis and thrusting is completely wrong and wholly inappropriate. I reached out to the company over three weeks ago with no response. I will be taking this up with Apple and the Advertising Standards Authority, and the FTC. I strongly urge any parent to delete this app and seek reimbursement for any money spent on it.

Great game

Great game

Soooo fuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn

It is so good but doing it for gems

I liked it but did not love

All the videos are so annoying. And I hate that you have to wait for everything. But after all that at least its not clash of clans.

Very broken

This a solid game that appears to have had a horribly shoddy ad system forced onto it. There's just no other way to reconcile the polish and obvious care given the underlying experience, and the absolute havoc the ad system creates. Ads constantly pop up for no reason. Actually they try to pop up, but about half the time just get stuck in a solid blank screen. When you have actually signaled your willing to watch an ad the same will happen most of the time, with it also sometimes doing nothing. On the very rare occasions where an ad played because I asked for it, the ad started, and then managed to complete, it has more often than not failed to provide the reward promised.


Super addictive, good to waste time

Love it

Super fun! And if you download with a friend it’s a great competition game!!! I love it

It’s goood game I play it all day every day

It’s accurate and really. Fun you will enjoy this game

The slowdown

Later in the game it’s impossible to get really anything. I’ve been playing for about a month and haven’t gotten past taptan. But overall a great game.

Super fun

When I’m bored I. Play and it’s great!!!!


One of the most pointless "games" ever. All you do is tap buildings to upgrade them and wait for money to naturally accumulate with zero effort or thought. The only redeeming quality is that the investors have cleverly written bios and are fun references to other things. Other than that, this "game" is hardly even a game. I don't know why anyone would spend real money on this - especially because all you have to do is just sit and wait for money to increase. That's all. No minigames. No other activities. No incentive to do anything in this game. Nothing.



Cheated by videos

Just lost out on 30 batrillion because video wouldn’t play. Happens 2/3 of the time. Close. Relaunch. Close. Relaunch. Serious waste of time.

Video Problems.

Every time I click on a video to activate a bonus I won’t play. I’m not able to activate any of the double bonuses because the videos won’t load. I just thought I would share that. Thanks.

It’s okay...?

So, I’ve been playing this game for a few days now but it gets kind of aggravating! I say that because it takes too much time, and leveling up takes WAY too much money. It’s kind of not accurate too. I don’t really see a point to this game besides getting new lands, spending, and earning money.... I don’t think this game is worth my time. I might delete.... The only reason I was staying to play was because it gets a bit interesting with how fast or how slow you’re making your money, but again, a downside is that there’s A BUNCH of stupid ads and when you get those bot thingy’s... they take ALL OF YOUR SHOPS! Like... even though it upgrades and gives money quicker, it’s still annoying!!!! - An Old Player....




Fun and somehow addictive. However, my rating as initially a 5, now its a 3. Has lots of bugs and will periodically turn off on me or not let me watch the ads so I can get the double time. The only way to make that work, is to reset the game. Highly annoying. Plz update and fix this problem before I delete the game

I Pretty Much Can Only Play For 5 Mins.+

Every time I play Eventually it says I have the profit booster, yet whenever I try the ad it crashes the entire game


This game is hands down amazing sure there might be ads but it’s still amazing and super addicting!

Keeps crashing

Love this game but it keeps crashing. It won’t let me watch ads anymore to double my rewards or activate profit boost. After a couple attempts of watching the ads, it will crash. Hoping an update will fix these issues because it’s my favorite idle clicker game.

It’s a lot of fun!

Play it daily just wish the businesses would make money a little quicker 🙄

Very good

Very good it is addicting like Fortnite

Yep! Great fun

Perfect for a whenever time killer.

Do you like ads?

Download now to watch one every 2 minutes.


There is no point to the game all you do is tap to gain money. Please don’t download!!

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