Taps to Riches App Reviews

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Too many ads

There are ads when you navigate the game menus. Too frequent for me.

Love it

I love earning money

I want by stuff back

I played a game for 1 hour to get 600 keys and I never got them I payed money on gems and I still get ads and the game is like so many other games

Fantastic game!!

I definitely recommend this game to others!!!

Taps To Ads

I’m giving a neutral review due to the massive amount of ads that are in the game and how long it takes to tap a house without an automatic bot. The gameplay is much better than your average games, the mini games help, and the weekly events.

Fun but I wish there is a pause button

It would be great if there is a pause button in this game because I don’t feel comfortable with numbers infinity going up on my phone. I know that’s a small problem but me for some reason it makes me not want to keep the app. If you add a button to pause the town that would be great. Merge cars is a good example because you choose to leave the cars on the lot or have it racing and collect coins by its self.



Best game ever

This game got my eyes out to get the game and it's just amazing Whoever made this game should make more of these games

To long to get the gold mine And diamond mine

I played this for 3 months and still don’t have them


I love the game, the only problem is I think it should have a little mini game built in it


Switching between levels needs to be fluid. The camera snaps between levels and you can get in this weird in between levels spot where the game doesn’t know where to put you, not fun to glance at my cities because changing levels is jarring.

Ads too intrusive

The game shoves ads in your face on every other click and there are some ads that you just can’t avoid disrupting your game. It spends 90% of its time trying to get you to spend more and more money. It doesn’t just let you play.


The creators of this game oh me 10 bucks because I bought something for 10 box and I didn’t even give me freaking back I mean my I’m only 10!

Too much ads

I would give this game a five but there is a big problem that annoys me sooo much.The game itself is easy and there is many games like it.I enjoy the game,but,whenever I click on something like the chests, a ad comes up.Also,the ads barley ever change so it’s super boring.This game otherwise is okay.But I don’t like it that you have to pay to get rid of ads.It’s just not fair.


I can pass on the game it's just...I don't like tapping games and it's just dumb ROBLOX beats this game by ALOT


Great game if you want something to do in your free time you can earn in game money without even having to play I love this game I let it sit for a day and come back and upgrade all my buildings

Very addicting

I’ve been playing this game for 10 days and I love this game!!!

Best tapping gam

Recommend for the people how like tapping games that have more to it then just tapping


Geez I understand you have to have ads to make money. But every other click I do I get a 30sec ad, sometimes longer. No thanks.

Not to shabby

It is addicting and fun but also has a lot of informers that can be a bit annoying


I understand every game has ads but EVERY tap leads to an ad. The game is really fun and I haven't played in over a year and started playing again today. Luckily, all my businesses were still there and the profit I made. Also another thing is that I absolutely hate the "Bizbots". I thought only one town would be traded but no, all of mine were traded. Overall this game is fun but the ads and bizbots ruin it.

Too many adds

Every minute there’s a add


The most fun tapping game I has played yeaaaaa boiiiii

Ok game, but don’t waste your time ‘earning’ gems!

The game is ok, if somewhat repetitive. It’s a decent time waster. That being said, to decently progress in the game requires gems. The way to get these are either by tapping a house (takes FOREVER), buying them with real money, or completing ‘quick actions’. The problem with the latter is that you’ll put in the work for the gems offered (complete a survey, finish a certain level on a different game, etc.), and the gems SHOULD be uploaded within 24 hours max. Problem is that they aren’t and you’re required to jump through hoops to prove you did it. Ok. Got it. My main point of contention, and why I’m uninstalling this game is that it’s now been over a week and I haven’t received over 1,600 gems that I rightfully earned! This is BS. I kept up my end of the deal, this developer failed to keep up theirs. Don’t waste your time.

Too many ads

This app would be fun if every 5 seconds you didn’t get a random pop up ad that you can not disable. You’re wasting your data to watch ads under the guise of a fun game, don’t be fooled. Find yourself an ad free or at least not ad dependent game and you’ll have more fun.

Great game

This is a great game i can't stop playing

Love it!

I love this game to death!

So much fun


5 Stars Great Game!

A very addicting game and it is a very great time killer and really fun. I give it 5 Stars


Please stop putting ads every where just for Wiz Khalifas stupid weed farm it’s annoying but at least the game is pretty good and addicting so good job I hope there’s an update soon!

I love this game!!!!

This is my new favorite game out of the million games I have this is my favorite. There isn't that much adds either this game is a 5 stars

Used to be fun

This game was nice distraction that was fun to play because could progress in time. it has been several updates now and the 8x and 10x business bonuses don’t work making it a slow slog to get anywhere

Work? Work? Please?

I hope it works I really like the game Hay Day and I need the diamonds.

No gems

Did one of the free things for gems, supposed to get 1600 gems. Haven’t gotten them

False advertising

Fun enough for a generic click and buy type game. -3 stars and a complaint with Apple for having an annoying pop up that says, to remove ads pay here. After paying, still getting ads and told by developer support that, “ oh, those ads don’t go away, just some of them do.” Rip off. Apple, do something.


This game is an good game for you have a lot of free time and even if u don’t

19 years back?!?! Crud

Ok so I had a problem because it said everything would take 19 years before it happened again... this is a problem... I had to uninstall then reinstall so I’m very sad because I had the space and a bunch of great advisors. Overall without this it is a good game

Worth playing but glitchy

I like the simplicity of the game and that everything is pretty straightforward. Other town building games I feel like I have to wait 12 hours for my business to be built and then another 4 to get any collections from it. I like how even though there is an in game currency like the gems, I can still get those without having to pay cash. I have almost 700 gems and haven’t paid anything!! On the other hand, the game is a little glitchy. Oftentimes when given the option to double my business bonus it won’t load the video and in order to fix it, I have to restart my whole phone. I’m on an iPhone 5se if that helps you app developers to fix the problem..? Also I am doing the events and I just supposedly got free advisor spins but the stupid wheel says I still have 3 more hours to wait. I have had the game crash completely once, but honestly those little glitches aren’t enough to stop me from playing. But it is enough to be annoying.

Playing Taps

Thus far (note less than a day) been fairly decent. At least a 6/10 on the Angry Joe scale. Appreciate the ad reducer being only 99 cents. Either they've seen realm grinder or convergently came up with the "bizbots" which is really an entry level thing if you want a good clicker. Doesn't have the aforementioned Realm Grinders depth but solid effort I think.

5 star

I was never a fan of games like these because I thought it was boring but I’ve had this game for a whole year and I’ve mad lots of money on it and I can’t uninstall it due to its addicting ness


It’s a fun tapping game that doesn’t take too much mental energy. Fun.

Too tedious

I’ve been playing this game for over 3 months now and I still haven’t been able to even leave earth because I’ve been staying off of this game so the lineups will just stack up and I come back to see that I only made a couple zillion even though I own like almost all businesses in the first 4 areas


I love your game



Cool game

Fun cool and nice

Decent Game

Enjoying So Far

Great game but needsto add more content

I’ve had this game since space came out but they haven’t added another place to go to in like a year and it’s quite annoying

thats nice

its very good



Pot game

Please stop the pot game ads.

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