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Well, with this new update they took away a slight bug that made the game a lot more enjoyable to play. The fact you can’t switch advisor boards that had all your speed up advisors like 7x speed in space Vegas with the steak and space profit multiplier and the restaurant profit multiplier to the next one, that just had the steak n space profit multiplier and both tap multipliers for space Vegas. And keep the same amount of space bucks from the first advisor board has now made this game irrelevant and all my time spent tapping away the past year. Not to mention the money spent. Now it’s going to take forever to upgrade. And is now daunting watching the money not move until 100 taps later. Used to pass the time watching shows and movies tapping away. But now I think it’s time to move on. Might just collect the daily advisor spins and that’s it. Thanks for ruining the game. Tho it may have been an exploit. It made the game.

this game is better than Ad Capitalist

strait 100 nothing more to say i love how many cites u can have nd how the money speed rating is its not to insane where the game is boring the money takes a good day of stacking up bless up god bye have a great day You Yeah YOU


This game is very amazing, although I am 13 and supposedly my sisters boyfriend is all about it and yet he is 29, he showed me it and I adored it, and if no one sends a 5 star rating then they shall be against me

To many notifications

Every time you close down the game you always get a notification saying you forgot to buy your next business. This happens to be the most frustrating thing about this app.

Way too glitchy

Ads are way too glitchy and 90% of the time don’t work or crash the app.

Gem promotion lies

Customer support is garbage they don’t respond to issues submitted through the app.


i can play this game for hours i love it

The Best Game 👍🏾

yes best game man

Strangely addictive

Stupid simple to play yet strangely addictive

Good game

It adicting

Best game ever

So awsome

Con artist

Do not take any free rewards deals this app cheats you out of free gems repeatedly and their support team never credit the rewards back to you I have missing rewards dated back to November last year and to this day too total gem loss over 5,000 and the app runs your battery so hot that the app crashes sometimes a lot of crashes in 2 hours time sometimes once now and then

Better than others

Overall for this type of game, it’s one of the better ones that I’ve tried. It’s easy to get the hang of and move up. I wish there was sub-category games to help you earn gems/keys/etc. instead of using the “free gems” button where you typically have to subscribe to another website or play a different game and reach a certain level, I don’t like having to navigate away from the game to earn items. There is ads in this game but compared to others there’s a lot less.


This is a terrible game where you have to pay if you want to do anything and it also sends you like 3 notifications at a time. Very annoying

Great Game!!

This is a great game and it’s definitely addicting!!! The only thing i wish i could change would be to not have to tap on the houses to get money. i wish i could hold the houses down and it would give me money like it does when you spend money!!

My favorite game!

Pretty much the best game ever

Good game and learning about capital.

This is a great game and you can start over when you feel like it! Thank God and God Bless you all!



Fun, but....

The game is okay, though it is not much different than the game Capitalist, but the app keeps kicking me out! It's really annoying, and it doesn't let me play any of the special events. Not the best if you want an app that works.

10/10 would recommend

Great game. Super fun


The game is overall great. I like playing it and like the spring event going on now. The main issue I have with this game are the glitches! As soon as I open the app it starts. Asking to double rewards after being away and I hit double but nothing happens and I end up having to force close the app thus losing my time away bonus. Bizbots are great but once you get into BaMillion it seems to take longer to activate. Also the free gems and keys offers are wonderful so take full advantage. Fix the glitches, make it easier to activate bizbots after reaching BaMillion and adding free gems and keys to reward vault faster would make this game 5 stars.


Love it!!!

Major Bugs

They keep overhauling the interface but not the functionality. 8x and 10x business bonus only pay out 2x. If this was a vegas casino, it would be shut down. As it is, without being able to get a proper bonus, this game becomes a long boring slog.



Love it

I love playing this game I’ve been playing it for a long time and it’s still fun

Amazing hash

I love the game it teaches my kid different numbers

Ad issues

Once you get to the higher levels, you need the ability to double your earnings with advertisements and business bonuses, but they decide they don’t give a crap, and half the time, the adverts don’t load, so even if you agree to watch, you get no advertisement, and no bonus. Not my fault the ad doesn’t show; I clicked that I was willing to watch, so I feel screwed over when I don’t get the promise reward.

Good game

Pretty good tbh

Very good

My nuts itch

fun but disappointing

this game was amazing! i could play it to kill time and it was addictive. then i could go do something else and come back to have gain tons of money! but then i so far i was proud and the game forced me to trade everything i had done just to restart with some sort of robot. i was disappointed and deleted the game because it forced me to restart. don’t get this game it is fun until it messes up everything.

It Ain’t Great!

I think you could improve the game by making people watch the same freakin’ 30-second ads over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Seriously, give us a break! EVERY time you click on something, you have to watch an ad. Want to spin the wheel for “free”? You have to watch a boring ad. Let me give you some advice: NO ad needs to be more than 15 seconds long (20 seconds tops). The constant ad-clicking takes away all the fun of playing. Hey kids, the game isn’t the product, the ads are. But, I get it. You need to make money. Just be realistic! It’s not worth playing if you’re boring me to death when I’m trying to play it! P.S. I swear to baby jeezus I will NEVER EVER download any app I have to watch an ad for more than 5 times in a row. Not that I would download them anyway. Honestly, I don’t even watch them. I can’t stand it...

Constant ads

Since this app has advertisements that pop up in the middle of the gameplay and force you watch them I’m going to give it a 1 star rating and uninstall the game. Other games give incentives for watching advertisements which is ok and this game does also but the advertisements that you are forced to watch with no reward are a deal breaker for thanks.

Keeps asking me to rate this game

It’s annoying that every 20 minutes it asks me to rate this game

Love it so far

Great game!

Great game

Super addicting




I liked the game at first but then it forced me to trade everything for some stupid thing that didn’t do anything. It got rid of ALL my progress. If you want people to actually play your game then don’t do stupid upgrades that you have no choice to not do it. This game is stupid.

No complaints

I am loving the game! The strategy and focus required is really making even better my cognitive abilities.

Really like this game but geez could there be any more ads?!

I love this game. Great time waster. However, the ads are ridiculous!! The ads are intrusive to the game play and are endless. Also, why can an ad play but the video to double rewards and double profits for 4 hours not work? Hmmm seems like they just want to f**k over their players. I will continue to play only with data and WiFi turned off. No ads that way!


Great game!

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Talk about repetitive stress... Seems like it would be a fun game but tapping the screen rapidly for a minute or two cause my mild carpel tunnel problem to make my hand go numb. I'd seriously avoid this game if carpel tunnel is a problem for you or even a concern for you in the future. Happy hunting with whatever game snags you.

Good game

Good game!

Tap Tap

My favorite part is the tapping. 🤩🤩🤪

I like it but

You should make it to were that stupid monkey forces you to do things you don’t want to do change that and all five stars will be back up

The best game

You should down Laos this game if you are the type of person who loves tycoon game, my favorite thing about this game is when it allows me to reset it, this is the best game in the world


I was just on my phone downloaded this game is sealed it was like in the second I got on it offered me a purchase and I had accidentally put my thumbprint down and made a transaction how do I restore my purchases? I didn’t mean to and I would like my money back please

Ultimate game of greed!

Great time passer

Fantastic game

I could keep on tapping for 10 years


It’s ok, it just really gets boring after a while.

I can’t go to anything!!!!

Everything was working fine then all of a sudden I could not access my other property, tap my house, menu, or bonuses!! HELP!!!!

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