Taps to Riches App Reviews

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Ads not working

I like the game but you can’t earn anything cus the ads don’t work most of the time

Good game but major issue

On the iPhone Xs and I’m assuming probably the x the notch covers the amount of money that you have. Very frusturating

Good game with another names

This game is so addicting and also, 1,000,000,000,000,000 doesn’t say 1 quadrillon

Would have given 5 stars but...

I really enjoy this game. It’s got a nice dynamic, smooth leveling and plenty of nice extra features to keep it interesting. I’ve got a couple complaints though. The biggest one is that currently I see exactly one advertisement video—Fishdom—and once I view it, I can’t view any other ads unless I completely kill the app and restart it. This is DEEPLY annoying. Also, the rewards, both key and gems, rarely pay out. Also, a few times, purchasing the golden ticket and gems for $1 has failed to actually pay out. These issues have lowered my rating from a complete 5 to somewhere between 3 & 4 stars


Truly great game

Honestly Broken

I downloaded this game and had a lot of fun until i saw that i could get free gems and keys. When i had tryed both i went back to the game and NOTHING was there. I am very dissatisfied with the time that they spent on this game. They didn’t even bother to fix the free gems/keys.

Videos Not working

Video to spin or get double the money is not working so annoying

Enjoying the game!

Very interesting. Recommend

I want my Gems

I was suppose to get 1000 gems for reaching level 75 of the game and I never ended up getting them all the hard work I put in for nothing

Dmnt Jim!

Ok, after 4 hours of playing, I’m giving up. The game only allows you to watch 1 video for a bonus, period. If you want to watch another you must back out and quit. Reenter and DO NOT waste your video on any old bonus’s. Damnt Jim! I need bonus’s


Good game would recommend to everyone just wish it didn’t have adds

Update or something!!!!!

I enjoyed playing this game, but every time I log in and it asks if you want to double you profit. It never allows me to; it just gets stuck the until I exited out of the box and lose my opportunity to double my earning and even some times I can’t even get the extra tap points either. I understand it’s not much to playing this game; but if I give my time and attention to it, I very much want it to function properly.

Fix issue for 5 stars

Love the game but 90 percent of the time I cant watch an ad to double my winnings or activate profit boosts!

Frustrated customer

Game used to be fun, but as of late it has become useless. Ads which are used for bonuses and daily spins do not work.

Free keys

Just a review for keys

Games cool but

Games cool but the whole thing of free keys/gems is a gimmick. Also it freezes sometimes during the double your reward and wheel spin. Good game to idol your time.

Best ever

I played for 10 seconds and learned the meaning of life.


I’ve played this game for a awhile and it’s fun and addictive but once they started randomly stopping your game for adds I deleted it. I just started playing it again and it’s worse, not only do they force you to watch ads but it often crashed the game. You can watch ads for boosts which I like but I don’t understand why they make you watch ads and then it crashes the game!

Double rewards no longer works

It’s been several days now & most of the bonus features no longer work. Is anyone working on the issues?

Taps to riches

Great game

Good game but one problem

Amazing game so far I love it!!!! Keep up the amazing work i just got this game and I can’t stop playing it Only one problem though I can’t use the 2X profit power up anymore I’ve used it once and the cool down period has no reached 0 but it won’t let me use it

Well um


I love taps to riches

I love ttr so much because it’s so fun that have different towns and it’s so easy just tap!


This game is way too defective. When I click “watch to double rewards”, it just doesn’t process. Please fix this because it’s doing that with just about everything and it’s vey annoying.

Ads; Ads, and even more Ads

Fun game but everything is based on watching ads. Then when they go off another add pops u. Deleted.


Why you make me do this yet

Too many ads

Almost fun if it weren't for all the annoying, consuming ads

This game is a cheat

When you’re not looking they take away from your businesses so you can keep playing there game. Most of my businesses had gold percentage increase on them from the gold empire and I was making over 200 babillion per second. I put down my phone for 30 minutes and when I came back I was only making 47 babillion per second. I looked everywhere to see what the problem was then I saw that the gold at my businesses were gone and I didn’t even get a refund. I advise that no one gets this game because they just cheat you and waste your time.

Just not enuff earnings

There is no point in this game



Can’t double

This game isn’t bad, but the thing u hate the most is I won’t be on it for a couple days, earn a lot of money, gives me the option to double it, then when I clicked double it doesn’t even let me, what’s the point?


I was trying to restart the app and it keeps saying it needs my billing address

Worth the time?

I’ve been having fun with the game but the glitches are getting beyond the occasional annoyance. Tap response to bonuses and videos eventually just stops entirely. The game crashes frequently. The communication between the app and the free keys or free gems sites is unreliable and the “rewards doubled” when you move between worlds or return to the game frequently doesn’t work at all. Tired of having to hold my mouth just right and whisper incantations whilst standing on one foot just to utilize basic functions of what could be a long-term fun game.

I like it

I like it

Love it

This game is so addictive


The ads that give you double rewards constantly crashes but the adds that are forced on you at random with no reward work just fine.


I like this game, in fact this is a game I could consider spending on, EXCEPT... YOU GUYS JUST UPDATED!!! Every two minutes or so, a random add appears, which you don’t seem to have control of. There is not even the option to remove adds. A lot of the time, the adds cause the app to crash on my iPhone 6p. I don’t get how that happens, since I play South Park Phone Destroyer all day, and issues like that rarely arise for me there. SPPD runs faster and has better graphics. That makes me dumbfounded with this game right now! How am I having such a rough time with this game on my phone. At the least, please put an option to remove random adds. I would even pay for that option. If you made me, lol.

Tap to riches

Great game

Another day another tycoon

Another tycoon

Tournament rankings-tutorial please!

I started playing the tournament with 9.5 hours left. Checked my rank...100%. Played a solid hour+. I'm down to 50%, now. Sure, I knew my rank was going to change, but having scored in the top 10% before, it's very frustrating! I would like there to be more openness about how I can maintain my rank and compete. What is being evaluated, taps max income or base max income? Also, I spent a little money, and now don't see my permanent upgrades, from before. (I left and came back to the game. I left over frustration with the tournament.) I'm not a pay-to player, but will spend a little here and there on games I like.

Annoying Bug/Glitch

For the “Profit Boost Refill” you must watch an ad - no biggie, I don’t mind. What I DO mind is tapping on the red Profit Boost banner, then tapping on the “Watch Video” button, seeing the little “loading” circle, then it closes and you’re back to the game. It takes at least a dozen attempts for the video to load to get your Profit Boost. The majority of the time, I close the app, restart it, and try ANOTHER dozen times to no avail. This also happens to the “Fortune Wheel”. I get frustrated, close the app, and call it a day. Please fix this!


I really love this game. Super awesome enjoyable time!!

Potential Wasted

I’m not going to pretend that I know the intricacies of maintaining an app that does what it claims it can do, I just know you guys aren’t very good at it. Getting videos to play for certain rewards is 50/50 at best and I think I am being generous. The only thing that keeps me coming back is the time already invested, which really isn’t a good reason. Based on the lack of TRUE bug fixes, I think you bank on that fact. The 2 stars is for the lack of reflection and correction.


This game is a great game for when you don’t have anything to do. It’s both a fun and easy game to play.

Good but take to long to upgrade

I’ve been playing this app for 16 days and it’s takes 3 days to get. A town to 400. When you are grinding!!!


This game was so goddamn boring I downloaded it played like 10 secs of it and deleted not worth the purchase

Double your Earnings

The double your earnings feature that pops up when opening the app rarely works. Every time I play the game it takes 15-30 taps in order to double my money.


Fun game even though I still don’t understand what I’m doing or how to do certain things in it


Love this game I hope for something new! Something that won’t let us get bored after a while but this game is really amazing!!

Great Game

Although there are a couple bugs like not getting my keys, I find this game to be really satisfying and it also cures my boredom. All bugs aside, if they can get fixed, then this game would be outstandingly good.

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